Riva Gets a Roundabout

Drivers in Sarnico, Italy, can now circle a monument to the builder's former flagship.

Riva monument

The Riva shipyard helped to ensure the 1:1 scale model is accurate.

No, your eyes do not deceive you as you drive your car: That is indeed a Riva built as a monument in the center of a roundabout on a roadway in Sarnico, Italy.

The community dedicated the monument along via Predore, which flanks Lake Iseo, home of the Riva shipyard. The monument is a scale model of the Ariston hull, which was Riva's flagship during the 1950s and '60s.

To create the monument, The Ferretti Group made its models and molds technology available. The shipyard in Forli used a laser scanner to transfer specs into a computer for creation of the 1:1 scale model.

"It is an honor for me and for Sarnico paying homage to Riva as a company and as a group of people who made our town famous all over the world," Sarnico Mayor Giorgio Bertazzoli stated in a press release.

Learn more about the brand's history at www.riva-yacht.com.