Reduce Onboard Wiring by 70 Percent

Veedims enters marine market with cloud-based electronics system technology.

Veedims boat technology

Veedims says its new technology can reduce onboard wiring by as much as 70 percent. Courtesy Veedims

Veedims LLC, working in strategic partnership with Kessler-Ellis Products, is promoting a new technology platform that lets boaters manage, control and operate any collection of electrical and electronic devices, including sensors.

“While there is some level of automation aboard vessels today, there is rarely a connection between subsystems such as engines, lighting and even displays,” says Keith Cariani, sales manager at Kessler-Ellis. “All are complex, require a lot of cabling, and have specific and often proprietary interfaces. Veedims changes all of this by creating a simple integrated, automated system that turns practically any component aboard a vessel into a smart device and enabling all devices to be programmed, monitored, controlled and managed from a single, sophisticated display. This is truly progressive technology that will dramatically change our industry.”

The Veedims technology connects all systems on a boat and can connect multiple boats through a cloud-based fleet infrastructure. The technology eliminates traditional wiring harnesses, instead managing power and data through a single-cable architecture.


A standard array of sensors create an automated network that can be programmed, controlled and managed either onboard or remotely, with various degrees of redundancy as required. The setup eliminates extra cable runs and power supplies, reducing onboard wiring by as much as 70 percent, according to the two companies.

“Upon our introduction to the Veedims technology, we were quite simply blown away,” Cariani says. “Not only will we sell, support and warehouse the systems’ hardware, we have begun integrating Veedims technology into our own displays with remarkable results.”

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