Raymarine Unveils VHF Radios with AIS, DSC Features

The Ray53, Ray 63 and Ray73 models all have built-in GPS receivers.

December 5, 2018
raymarine 53 vhf
The Ray 53 is has a compact design for smaller helm consoles. Retail price: $499. Raymarine

FLIR has unveiled three new Raymarine VHF radio models. All three have built-in GPS receivers and Digital Selective Calling (DSC) functionality.

The VHF radios come in varying sizes: The Ray53 is a compact design; the Ray63 is a full-size unit; and the Ray73 is a full-size, multifunction version that also incorporates AIS.

All of the models are meant to complement the styling of Raymarine’s Axiom multifunction displays. The Ray63 and Ray73 can connect to Raymarine’s wireless VHF hub and support two wireless handset stations away from the helm.

raymarine vhf 63 73
The Ray 63 is a larger unit retailing at $599. The Ray 73 also has AIS functionality. Retail price: $899. Raymarine

What are the retail prices? The Ray53 is $499. The Ray63 is $599, and the Ray73 is $899.


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