Rainy-Day Gear

Whether staying put or taking a cruise, don’t let inclement weather put a damper on your plans.

March 23, 2011

Shelf Life
The NookColor ($249) by Barnes & Noble has a vivid 7-inch touchscreen and is Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing the reader to upload content from a growing selection of 2 million titles. A free app syncs the reader’s page with other computers and smartphones. The NookColor can also surf the Web and access e-mail. Barnes & Noble, 800-843-2665;

Walk on Water
The Octogrip Stealth marine athletic shoe ($109) by Henri Lloyd is a breathable and lightweight alternative to heavy deck boots. Nonslip rubber outsoles have water-dispersal channels that push water out from beneath the wearer’s feet for good traction in wet conditions. Henri Lloyd, 800-661-5696;

Bottoms Upgrade
Active yachtswomen (and men) who get under way in all conditions need to be able to move while staying dry. The Aegis Hybrid Bib ($295) by Atlantis provides a comfortable fit and breathable protection. Atlantis Weathergear, 877-333-7245;


In a Fix
Take advantage of a rainy day at the dock and get caught up on onboard projects with the Craftsman 19.2-volt C3 3/8-inch right-angle drill ($77). Equipped with a keyless chuck, it offers the versatility of reverse operation and a braking switch. The right-angle drill has all the power of a traditional design, but with a low profile that fits into tight spots — eliminating a perfectly good excuse for why the project has gone unfinished. Craftsman, 800-469-4663;

Rainy-Day Fun
Capt. Donna Wright of Anacortes Yacht Charters ( in Anacortes, Washington, sees her share of wet weather and keeps guests entertained while staying on schedule.

Learning Experience
“I have used rainy days to teach guests about things on the boat and about navigation using the GPS,” she says. “Most of our clients appreciate the opportunity.”


Youthful Exuberance
“When kids are involved, we usually try to get out and do what we had planned to do anyway, with rain gear on,” she says. “Up here the kids love to go crabbing, and they never really seem to care whether it’s raining or not.”

The Wild Side
“People always want to take a yacht charter during the good weather, but we can’t guarantee it,” Wright says. “Also, some of the rainiest times, like the spring, are the best for watching wildlife because that’s when the eagles are flying around.”


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