Pure Genius: Frank Pembroke Huckins

Frank Pembroke Huckins couldn’t change sea conditions, so he took the next best step.

Smooth Cruising: He Did the Next Best Thing to Taming the Seas

Four cones! Seen in a ship line drawing by Frank ­Pembroke Huckins, the idea behind the Quadraconic hull couldn’t be clearer. Four hollow shapes following semi-conical radii work together to create a hydrodynamic shape in forward hull ­sections. The result? Diminished pounding at cruising speeds. Seems simple, but it was quite a breakthrough in 1928, decades before C. ­Raymond Hunt’s deep-V hull. That it was achieved in triple-­mahogany planked hulls, working in concert with a builder that tallied ­every ounce of materials, helped make Huckins a desirable brand for those who wanted to tackle the sea efficiently and comfortably.

(Left to right) Frank Pembroke Huckins, Betty Huckins and Charles F. Chapman Courtesy Huckins

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