A  Virtuous  Circle

The Prestige 750 has an unorthodox layout that creates impressive results.

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
Sharply raked windows help the Prestige 750 keep a sleek profile despite her unusual layout.Courtesy Prestige Yachts

When the Prestige 750 debuted recently, there was good reason for the fanfare. This vessel — the flagship in Prestige's 12-model line of flybridges, coupes and yachts starting at 42 feet length overall — is truly something different in her class. And the genesis of that difference can be found on the accommodations levels. That's right: levels, plural, on a 75-foot motoryacht.

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
That aft dining area for six is across from an L-shaped galley; the galley can serve the cockpit, salon and even guests up a few steps at the U-shaped flybridge dining area.Courtesy Prestige Yachts

The master stateroom is just forward of the helm and down a few steps, on its own deck. That design choice was the first domino in a chain of decisions that allowed Prestige to make the 750 a standout model.

One effect of giving the master its own level is that the VIP stateroom wasn’t crowded, and thus it became one of the biggest in class. Sitting at amidships, it’s full beam and has a walk-in closet (as does the master).

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
A full-height sunshade descends from the extended flybridge overhang to shield the cockpit both from the sun and from prying eyes at the marina.Courtesy Prestige Yachts

You should have no problem getting friends to join you for a cruise. Forward, a pair of identical twin-berth staterooms round out the 750’s guest accommodations. A twin-bed crew cabin is aft.

A slightly less intuitive benefit of situating the master on its own deck is that the builder didn’t need to widen the forward section of the hull to create more living space in a stateroom. As such, the 750 has an exceptionally narrow entry into the water, a characteristic that not only helps slice through chop, but that also aids her engines’ overall fuel efficiency — call it 88 gph at a 25-knot comfortable cruise.

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
A hardtop on the flybridge opens to let in the sun.Courtesy Prestige Yachts

As a result of this design, the Prestige 750 comes with smaller diesels than most yachts in her class. So far, she has been turned out with twin 1,200 hp MANs only, while many of her competitors require engines in the 1,600 to 1,800 hp range. The smaller engine configuration not only uses less fuel, it also means that the tanks themselves can be smaller, which is another reason why Prestige was able to make that VIP so big.

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
Two guest staterooms each have twin berths and are great for the kids.Courtesy Prestige Yachts

Performance is not sacrificed in the design scheme either. The builder says that the 750 has a top speed of 28 knots with the MAN engines. That’s plenty fast for serious island-hopping.

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
The bridge deck has space aft that’s perfect for lounging.Courtesy Prestige Yachts

Prestige America president Nick Harvey poetically calls the interplay between fuel efficiency and accommodations space on the 750 “a virtuous circle.” He’s exactly correct. With this yacht, Prestige took what is a relatively simple, if underused, concept and executed it with precision and purpose. And that has made all the difference.

Prestige Yachts, Prestige 750, Flybridge, Motoryachts
The swim platform lowers hydraulically to get the dinghy, or you, into the water.Courtesy Prestige Yachts