Prestige 680 Extreme Launch Video

Yacht used as projection screen with 3-D Image Mapping.

Prestige Yacht's Prestige 680 recent launch event included a 3D mapping video. In the video, the yacht is used as a 3D mapping projection screen.

You can read Yachting's review of the 680's sistership, the Prestige 750, below.

Leading Lady

I traveled to Trieste in the northeast corner of Italy assured I could find lively winter sea conditions for a significant trial run of the Prestige 750. But life plays funny tricks, and I did not expect to encounter the mirror-calm ocean, which was in stark contrast to the storm-lashed coasts of my native Britain. The calm was disappointing on one level, but it didn't stop me from appreciating the qualities of this superb new design... To continue reading and see photos of the yacht, click here.