Play with Panache

This fall’s Cruise Collection from Swims is designed to go from the dock to the beach to the yacht club.

Swims are stylish and weather-resistant.Courtesy Swims

About a decade ago in Norway, a designer reinvented galoshes. He kept them weather-resistant but added style — and the Swims brand was born.

In 2010-11, Swims ­debuted its take on the Italian driving loafer, with a water-friendly nod to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Now comes the fall 2017 Cruise Collection, which evolves the loafer further, especially in terms of color.

(Left) Breeze Lace, gray and white, $130. (Middle)  Breeze Lace, deep red and navy, $130. (Right)  Braided Lace, khaki and faded lemon, $180.Courtesy Swims

“We inject fresh colors into a time of the year when our customers are already looking to escape winter and find a taste of summer,” says Jake Brandman, president of Swims.

The Braided Lace model is molded construction, while the Breeze Lace is mesh and lighter. “Both perform equally well,” he says. “The Breeze Lace is sort of a nod to a sneaker.”

And a nod to summer, which can’t come fast enough.