Pivothead Video-Recording Sunglasses

Capturing video while under way can be challenging. But a pair of Pivothead video-recording sunglasses ($299) may solve the problem.

Ideal for the superspy or sailor, these shades have a built-in 1080p high-definition video camera located between the lenses and a 44.4 kHz microphone near the temple to capture your maritime memories. An array of settings allows you to choose between auto and manual focusing, and black and white or color imaging, as well as six time-lapse options. The sunglasses, standard eight gigabytes of memory allows users to record up to one hour of video. When you're finished filming, upload the video to your laptop or tablet via the eyewear's built-in Wi-Fi transmitter. Once the video is uploaded you can capture high-resolution still images from it. And, don't worry: These high-tech sunglasses also keep your eyes safe from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Pivothead currently offers four models and 15 styles. The lanyard ($2.99 at most eyewear stores) is not included. Pivothead, 646-588-1137; pivothead.com