Philippe Briand’s 300-Foot Sailing Yacht Concept

Renowned designer says the SY300 is a true “green” superyacht design.

Philippe Briand 300-foot Sailing Yacht
The 300-foot sailing yacht concept is designed with carbon-fiber masts. Its foremast would stand more than 312 feet above the yacht's waterline.Courtesy Phillipe Briand

Yacht designer Philippe Briand has revealed plans for his SY300, a 300-foot sailing yacht concept intended to be a true eco-friendly superyacht with carbon-fiber masts.

Briand stated in a press release that he developed 1,550-ton ketch using the same methodology for high-performance racing yachts. Hydrodynamic efficiency would allow underwater turbines to harness power and charge onboard batteries. At a maximum speed above 20 knots, he says, if half the energy were captured, it would be the equivalent of energy that a 500-kW generator produces.

On board, each of the yacht’s three decks would have a swimming pool and sunning area. A dining table on the flybridge would seat 16 guests. There would be a full-beam master stateroom on the main deck with a private terrace, along with six guest staterooms on the lower deck. Quarters would house 17 crew.

Philippe Briand 300-foot Sailing Yacht
Each of the superyacht’s three decks would have a swimming pool and sunning area. The flybridge dining table is designed for 16 guests.Courtesy Phillipe Briand

Other spaces on board would include a full-beam gymnasium, and a spa with a hot tub and massage room.

“This SY300 design showcases a yacht with purpose that is in keeping with the authentic spirit of sailing,” Briand stated in the press release. “I picture it being ideal for a passionate sailor who wants to stay in touch with the water and the power of the wind. They could even take the helm of the yacht themselves.”

How tall would this yacht be? Its foremast would tower more than 312 feet above the waterline. The spinnaker alone would span nearly 38,000 square feet .

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