Partnership Expands Royal Huisman’s Reach to Spain

The Dutch yachtbuilder joins forces with Palma-based P&G Yachting in the Balearic Islands.

Royal Huisman and P&G Yachting join forces.Courtesy Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman is partnering with P&G Yachting to expand the Dutch yachtbuilder's presence into Spain's Balearic Isles.

“Palma has established itself as the service hub for superyachts in the Mediterranean, and based on our existing liaison with P&G Yachting as service provider, we strongly believe that we can add value with our expertise and experience as a shipyard, making our know-how available to yachts built by us and also to any other superyacht requiring refit, maintenance, service or assistance,” Royal Huisman’s managing director, Roemer Boogaard, stated in a press release.

The partnership follows a recent announcement from Royal Huisman that it has expanded into the facilities formerly used by Holland Jachtbouw in the Netherlands.