The Paralenz Dive Camera Shows its True Colors

This unique camera auto-filters at depth, so underwater photos are clear instead of greenish-blue.

The Paralenz Dive Camera can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second for as long as three hours. It also has 4K and 720p video settings.Paralenz

Nearly 250 divers from 38 countries contributed ideas for the Paralenz Dive Camera ($599), which captures high-definition video and 8-megapixel photos.

The camera weighs 5.6 ounces, so it can easily attach to a mask strap. It logs the dive and the photos, so users know at which depth they shot which image (and can share that info with friends via an app). And in what Paralenz calls a first, the camera ­auto-filters for lack of light at various depths — meaning photos never come out murky greenish-blue.

The shell is military-grade aluminum and polycarbonate, with no external housing needed. Users can adjust settings while wearing gloves.Paralenz

The Paralenz is waterproof to 656 feet, well past the recreational scuba limits most boaters use.