Paper-Chart Quality, Digital Format

Fugawi Aboard combines more than 2,000 NOAA raster charts for chartplotters.

Fugawi Aboard

Fugawi Aboard has a retail price of $199.

Northport Systems Inc. has launched Fugawi Aboard, which combines more than 2,000 NOAA charts and 600 Canadian raster charts into quilted regions for use on compatible chartplotters.

The result is coastline detail for the United States and Canada that has the look and feel of vector charts as well as the detail of paper charts, but that behaves like any other electronic charts with the ability for users to zoom and pan.

“Paper charts of U.S. and Canada have always been popular, yet they were nowhere to be seen on chartplotters,” Northport Systems President Robin Martel stated in a press release. “Fugawi Aboard opens the door for new possibilities in digital cartography, bringing electronic paper charts to chartplotters everywhere.”

Fugawi Aboard is compatible with the Simrad NSS and NSO evo2; Lowrance HDS, Elite HD and Elite CHIRP; and B&G Zeus multifunction displays. Retail price is $199, and a downloadable version is available at the Navico Insight store:

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