Otam Introduces Millennium 80 HT

The Italian build is an elegant speedster.

Otam will introduce the 80 HT Mystere at Cannes this year.Courtesy Otam

Otam will introduce the Millienum 80 HT at this year's Cannes Yachting Festival and she looks to be a standout even amongst a star-studded field of yachts.

The boat will have twin 2,600 hp engines that will propel her along at an impressive 48-knot top speed and a 41-knot cruise. Besides her sporty performance numbers, the boat should be notable for a spacious interior. Her predecessor, the 80 HT Mr. Brown had a four-engine set up that offered a lot of pop, but chewed up space.

This boat will have very livable accommodations, as well as separate access to the crew’s quarters and a sectioned off galley for maximum privacy. The interior is furnished with lacquered ebony, teak and silk and cashmere carpets that will surely impress no matter where this yacht pulls into port. She’s an elegant vessel to be sure.