The 60-knot Tender

The Onda Tenders 331 Gran Turismo has 60-knot speed and a host of custom touches.

The Onda 331 GT can be customized to have interior and exterior aesthetics match her mothership’s.Courtesy Onda Tenders

Greece-based Onda Tenders ­partnered with Mannerfelt Design Team in Sweden to produce the 331 Gran Turismo. The ­32-foot-5-inch speedster has a deep-V, ­twin-step hull paired with twin 250 hp ­outboards. ­According to the builder, this combination allows it to sprint across the water at upward of 60 knots with the hammer down.

Whom It's For: This is a ­tender for an owner with a healthy penchant for a little bit of wind and spray, as well as for the needle-sharp performance of a boat imbued with Mannerfelt's racing heritage.   ­

Picture This: You're in the sky lounge of your 180-footer off ­Mykonos when you get a hankering for the best braised octopus this side of Athens. It's served at a shaded little beach bistro about a mile away. Thanks to the 331 GT, you'll be seated there momentarily.

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