North Rip 30

The North Rip 30 is a pure fishing machine.

North Rip 30, North Rip Boats, Fishing
North Rip 30 center console headed to Newport, Rhode Island.Courtesy North Rip

The big idea nowadays in runabouts, tenders and center consoles is to add luxury touches and creature comforts. This “gentleman’s approach” to yacht design certainly has its place, but not among the hardcore fishermen hunting big game off the New England coast. That is the birthplace of the North Rip 30 from USWatercraft, a builder whose philosophy is that all those fancy foofs and frills just get in the way when you have a 400-pound giant bluefin tuna dumping line off your reel. The North Rip 30 has a layout created in partnership with tournament-winning, 20-year sport fisherman Jack Sprengel, who helped calculate everything from the precise distance between rod holders to the extra volume that could be squeezed into every fish locker and livewell.

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North Rip 30, Fishing
Anglers wrangle a large tuna fish from the water off the side of the North Rip 30.Courtesy North Rip
North Rip 30, Fishing
The North Rip 30 has a 22 degree deadrise and is 30 feet LOA.Courtesy North Rip