Nordhavn Launches First-Ever 120

Aurora, the builder's future flagship, will be delivered with a 2,300-nm cruise.

120 Nordhavn Aurora

The 120-foot Nordhavn Aurora is scheduled to be delivered to her owner by way of a 2,300-nm cruise from China to Canada.Courtesy Nordhavn

The 120-foot Nordhavn Aurora has launched and begun tank testing at South Coast Marine in Xiamen, China, following five years of work from concept to construction. So far, the 800,000-pound future Nordhavn flagship has floated exactly as her designers anticipated.

Tank testing is expected to continue through mid-May, when Aurora will undergo final sea trials and ABS certification. She is expected to cruise on her own bottom from China to Vancouver, Canada, for delivery to her owner in July.

The delivery from China to Canada is expected to take between 24 and 28 days, led by Jim Leishman, vice president of Pacific Asia Enterprises, which is Nordhavn's parent company. The distance is about 2,300 nautical miles including a stopover in Hong Kong, after which Aurora will cruise nonstop.

Aurora is going to be run for fuel efficiency, based on the builder's projections for her performance with a pair of 965-hp MTU 8V 2000s. At 9 knots, Aurora is expected to burn just 13.5 gph and offer a range of more than 9,500 nm. At her top speed of 14 knots, Aurora is projected to burn 88 gph with a range just shy of 2,700 nm.

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