Next Waypoint: Marquesas Islands

The Oyster World Rally, 3,000 miles into its global course, just left Galapagos.

Oyster World Rally

This local made himself at home with the fleet taking part in the Oyster World Rally as it cruised through the Galapagos Islands.Courtesy Oyster Yachts

Nineteen Oyster sailing yachts taking part in the Oyster World Rally have just left the Galapagos Islands, bound for the Marquesas archipelago. The yachts on this leg of the global cruise, ranging in length from 47 to 82 feet, have sailed some 3,000 miles in total thus far.

"The spirit between the yachts in the Oyster World Rally is just fantastic," says Oyster project manager Debbie Johnson. "Although the Oyster fleet are spread out through many of the islands, Ian Davis, owner of the Oyster 56 Yantina, operates our radio-net. It takes a lot of time and effort but it has been so useful. The fleet is really helping each other out, which is so vital in these remote locations."

Lukas Schiesser of the Oyster 54 In Flagranti says the Galapagos stop helped him to realize his dream of diving with hammerhead sharks.

“They are sharks, so they have the potential of being dangerous, but they are not known to be aggressive,” Shiesser says. “It is fantastic that Oyster arranged our diving permits.”

Oyster has a dedicated website for its World Rally that includes a nifty fleet-tracking feature. You can click to see where all of the participating boats are at any time, with pop-up screens telling you each yacht’s name, owner, length, position, and speed. To follow the Oyster World Rally, visit