Newport Shipyard to Add 560 Feet of Dock Space

Newport Shipyard is expanding with an additional 560 feet of dock space.

Newport Shipyard
Newport Shipyard is expanding its dock space.Courtesy Newport Shipyard

Newport Shipyard has received final approval from Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Management Council to expand its dock space by 560 feet.

The extra space will let the shipyard handle more large yachts simultaneously, adding to the existing 2,833 feet of dock space and generating an estimated $500,000 in annual revenue.

Eli Dana, the shipyard’s general manager, says 2016 was the busiest season on record.

“On several occasions, we had to turn away yachts requesting service due to the marina being full or berths not being large enough,” Dana stated in a press release. “Yachts are becoming increasingly larger in size, and it is our desire to keep them returning to Newport both in the busy season and in the shoulder seasons when they are seeking major refit and repair work.”

Two dock fingers (four berths) will be added to the north side of the shipyard’s longest dock, known as “Charlie Dock,” and four existing docks will be lengthened on the south side of Charlie Dock, closest to the state fishing pier.

Timing for the construction: Pilings are expected to be installed in early June, when the new docks are scheduled to be delivered.

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