A New Way to Integrate Electronics

Transas, FarSounder announce a partnership that could make life easier at your helm.

Farsounder 3D FLS Display

This is an example of Farsounder's 3D FLS display.Courtesy Farsounder

Transas Group and FarSounder have announced a partnership that will integrate FarSounder’s navigation sonar systems into the Transas Navi-Sailor 400 multifunction display series, creating a new level of situational awareness for boaters at the helm.

FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 sonars can now be controlled directly from Transas software, with the FarSounder navigation data displayed atop the ECDIS/ECS chart — and with a 3D FarSounder picture displayed in the Navi-Conning and special Navi-Sailor panel.

“This integrated solution will serve an expanded base of commercial and yacht customers who recognize the important safety role that 3D forward-looking sonar is having on 21st-century navigation,” FarSounder CEO Cheryl M. Zimmerman stated in a press release.

Learn more at www.farsounder.com or www.transas.com.