New Scholarship for Coasties’ Kids

The Coast Guard Foundation is offering coin sets to fund the Douglas Munro award.

The Coast Guard Foundation is offering a limited-edition coin set to raise money for the newly established Douglas Munro Scholarship Fund. The award, named for the only U.S. Coast Guard member to be awarded the Medal of Honor, will be open to children of Coast Guard members.

Anyone who donates at least $100 to the scholarship fund will receive the coin set, which is made in America and bears Munro’s likeness. The set comes in a display case.

Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro was killed in action on Guadalcanal on September 27, 1942, after helping a detachment of Marines escape from enemy opposition. He was in charge of a fleet of 10 boats that had landed the Marines. He got them ashore and went back to position, then led the evacuation of Guadalcanal after the Marines encountered unexpectedly heavy enemy fire. To save the last Marines in danger, he used the boat he was aboard as cover. As the final Marines fled to safety, Munro was killed.

To donate to the Douglas Munro Scholarship Fund, visit