A New Place to Get AIS

ACR Electronics enters the market with a pair of AISLink transceivers.

AISLink transponder from ACR Electronics

AISLink transponder from ACR Electronics

ACR Electronics, long known as a manufacturer of marine safety electronics, is entering the AIS market with two products.

The AISLink CA1 is a Class A transceiver approved for worldwide use in deep-sea boating as well as inland waterways. It has a multilingual interface, can send and receive AIS text messages and offers password protection of specific transceiver settings.

The AISLink CB1 is a Class B transceiver with an internal GPS antenna that saves installation time compared with an external antenna. NMEA 0183 and 2000 data output allows for integration with navigation systems, and “silent mode” lets users turn off their own boat’s information while still receiving AIS information from nearby vessels.

Both units come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Why AIS matters: It improves situational awareness, helping skippers "see" other boats beyond the field of human vision.

Where to learn more: Visit www.acrartex.com.