The New Look in Trimaran Design

The Tri60 is a composite project from BMT Asia Pacific and McConaghy Boats.

Tri60 catamaran
Tri60 catamaran

BMT Asia Pacific and McConaghy Boats have released renderings of their Tri60, a 60-foot trimaran that builds on lessons learned from a much larger trimaran design.

“BMT worked with McConaghy two years ago on a unique composite project at the same time that the much-celebrated, 142-foot Adastra trimaran was being completed,” Richard Colwill, BMT Asia Pacific managing director, stated in a press release. “We asked, How can we capture the spirit of this compelling work? How do we create something that is as innovative and exciting, whilst also being accessible to a wider dayboat or weekender market?”

BMT’s naval architects worked on styling with Henry Ward Design and A Sea Marine. The Tri60 is being marketed in two versions: the more open Tri60 Cabriolet and the more enclosed Tri60 Saloon. Both are built on the same hull, which has a beam the designers say is more commonly found aboard 90-foot yachts.

Windows, skylights and sliding glass doors are designed to bring the outside in. The garage can hold a 10-foot tender, and additional stowage is in the pontoons. The roof is made of lightweight carbon fiber and includes an open canopy for stargazing.

Top speed is 32 knots, achieved with (according to the designers) 30 percent less power and fuel than a comparable monohull cruising at 25 knots. Base engines are 475-horsepower diesels paired with twin water jets.