New Gear

October 4, 2007

Montague DX Crossover

The 18-speed Montague DX Crossover is a full-size bicycle that folds away for easy stowage on most yachts. Montague’s patented X-Series folding technology (originally designed for the U.S. military) lets the rider fold the bike in less than 30 seconds without using tools. Features include a soft-gel spring-loaded saddle, high-rise handlebars, grip-shifters and semi-smooth tires. Price: $399. Montague Corp., (800) 736-5348;

Speedtech Weather Watch Pro

Waiting around until the robotic voice of NOAA weather radio gets to your forecast can be excruciating. The Speedtech Weather Watch Pro may ease your pain. The snappy yellow watch has a thermometer, barometer, altimeter and compass, plus wind-speed and windchill monitors. Speedtech Instruments, (800) 760-0004;

Nikon StabilEyes 14×40

Nikon recently introduced the StabilEyes 14×40, a dual-mode, digitally stabilized, waterproof marine binocular with vibration reduction. Switch to Land mode, and you have a marine binocular optimized for handheld use in fairly stable conditions. Switch to Onboard mode, and the binocular is stabilized. The heart of Nikon’s StabilEyes is a battery-powered system of gimbaled digital servos that are actuated when the mode is selected. Features also include a central focus design with an adjustable diopter. Price: $1,700. Nikon Sport Optics, (800) 248-6846;


Tyger Ray Scooter

The Tyger Ray scooter has a good shot at being the hit of your boat’s toy chest. The scooter, which is slightly buoyant, lends itself to snorkeling, but it can be weighted for those who wish to scuba dive, and should reach depths up to 100 feet. A 12-volt rechargeable battery drives the Tyger Ray’s propeller, which is placed up front for improved safety and maneuverability. Battery power should last through 60 minutes of continuous operation. The body is built of UV-resistant polyethylene, and the unit weighs 40 pounds. Price: $399. Cayman Dive Gear, (800) 282-8725;

Stidd Admiral 500W

The Admiral 500W is the latest from Stidd Systems, a premier manufacturer of helm seats. Securely mounted on a pedestal with a 9-inch or 12-inch diameter base, the 500W should provide maximum stability even in adverse conditions. Standard features include a 360-degree swivel with 45-degree detonates, 90-degree folding/locking armrests and a 40-degree recline. A full 8 inches of fore and aft seat adjustment and an ergonomic seat contour provide lumbar support and comfort. Powder-coat and polished-chrome finishes are available, as are upholstery selections. Prices start at $4,290. Stidd Systems, Inc., (631) 477-2400;


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