New Feature Called mazuChat Added to SportFishing App

The mazuChat features helps anglers stay in touch during fishing action.

mazuChat lets users join or create chat groups and can share info on when and where the bite is happening.Mazu Marine

New to the mazu SportFishing app is mazuChat, a feature designed to help friends and fishermen stay in touch while the bite is on.

With mazuChat, users can join or create chat groups, manage their location and communication settings, and take private conversations off VHF radio (you know, to keep the hottest GPS coordinates all to themselves).

Other tools in the mazu SportFishing app include access to sea surface temperature (SST) reports, chlorophyll data, altimetry and more. Users can overlay SST satellite images or chlorophyll charts to find temperature breaks and to see water clarity.

Where does the SportFishing app work: If it's paired with mazu's m2500 hardware system, it should work outside of cellular range.

What does the SportFishing app cost: $129 on iPads using iOS 10.2 or newer systems.