Moving a Megayacht

The 127-foot D4 is the first megayacht from Dynamiq Yachts.

The D4 will feature a sundeck skylight and wine chillers in the saloon.

The 127-foot D4 is the first megayacht built by Dynamiq Yachts. The D4 Series from Dynamiq comes in three different models: the D4, S4 and D4 L.

The S4 features a top speed of 25 knots while the D4 and D4 L reach reported top speeds of 21 knots. The D4 L stands out from the other two models with an additional 4-feet of length overall.

Customize your yacht? Dynamiq's [online configurator][] allows clients to select everything straight on the company's site from the exterior paint scheme to the interior finish, technical equipment, style accents, tender, crew uniforms, toys and even a crew car, and all changes are viewed in real time on the virtual model. The configurator features full pricing for every element, while a running total gives the exact price and delivery date for the customized yacht.

Delivery is set for September 2016. [Click here to learn more about Dynamiq Yachts.][]