Meet the M30, from the New Company Moores Yachts

The 30-foot yacht combines Golden Age design with modern build techniques.

moores m30
The M30 will be cold-molded and the boat is projected hit 50 miles per hour.Moores Yachts

James P. Moores, known for restoring everything from Trumpy boats to Ernest Hemingway’s Pilar to the presidential yacht Honey Fitz at Moores Marine in North Carolina, has opened a company called Moores Yachts.

Its first model is the M30. The 30-foot, cold-molded boat combines the elegance of yachting’s Golden Age with modern construction techniques and speeds that are expected to top 50 miles per hour.

The ducktail in the M30’s transom is inspired by the work of John H. Wells, who designed commuter yachts. The transom is inspired by creations of L. Francis Herreshoff, and the bow is inspired by World War I battleships.

Hull design was done in partnership with B&B Yacht Design in North Carolina.

“Marrying design with performance without sacrificing either is what Wells and his peers did so well,” Moores stated in a press release. “Let me tell you, that is no small feat. The M30 is so much more than I had dreamed.”

When will construction start? Hull No. 1 is expected to begin construction in January.