Moores Unleashes a High-speed Beauty with the M30

A craftsman known for refits designs his first new boat: a 30-footer with classic lines and high speed.

moores m30
The shape of the bow on the M30 is inspired by World War I battleships, according to creator James P. Moores.Moores Yachts

Moores Yachts is a new boatbuilder in North Carolina that is associated with Moores Marine, the refit yard that has worked on such high-profile projects as Ernest Hemingway's Pilar and the presidential yacht Honey Fitz.

With such a pedigree, perhaps it’s no surprise that the first boat the company plans to produce, the M30, has clean and classic lines. What might be slightly more surprising is the vessel’s blistering projected top-end of 43.5 knots, a clip that should be quite thrill-inducing. This is, after all, an open-boat concept.

Whom It's For: The M30 is for the yachtsman who has an eye for timeless lines, and a nose for cold-molded construction and a smooth-riding hull (drawn by North Carolina's B&B Yacht Design).

Picture This: The marina is a sea of nearly identical, white-hull center-­consoles. As you scan the crowded port, your eyes fall on the M30, way out on the end of the dock. With details that hearken back to the Golden Age of Yachting, including a ducktail in the transom, she's impossible to miss.