Migaloo Presents Private Submersible Superyachts

These submersible yacht concepts could be the future of yachting.

Migaloo, M2, Submarine, Concept

Migaloo M2

The designs include the M2, pictured above, M5, M6, and M7.Courtesy Migaloo

Migaloo has created multiple submersible yacht concepts that could revolutionize yachting all together.

There are currently five models available that can be customized according to owner preferences, ranging from 236.3 feet to 928.4 feet LOA.

The subs will be built according to class, flag and according to U. S. NAVY SUBSAFE safety standards and with modern acrylic pressure hull design to ensure optimal safety for all onboard.

Migaloo, Submarine, Concept


The Migaloo submersible yachts allow for breath-taking views above and below the water's surface.Courtesy Migaloo
Migaloo, Submarine, Concept


The submersible yachts use Starkad Technologies.Courtesy Migaloo