A Mercedes-Benz for the Water

Final design plans are now in place for the 46-foot yacht Silver Arrow of the Seas.

Silver Arrow of the Seas

Silver Arrow of the Seas is a 46-foot concept yacht from Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine.Courtesy Silver Arrows Marine

The Mercedes-Benz Style design label has finalized the design for Silver Arrow of the Seas, a 46-foot powerboat being designed in partnership with Silver Arrows Marine.

“With Mercedes-Benz Style, we really have made the first Granturismo of the seas,” Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Ron Gibbs stated in a press release. “There will be nothing else like it on the water with such beauty and so many innovations.”

A year’s worth of planning went into the final design. Clay models and prototype testing were used in much the same way that they are used in automobile design. Features will include what the designers are calling “a terrace by the pool” (we can’t wait to see what they mean by that) as well as a unique rear seating arrangement. Colors, detailing and materials will be influenced more by the world of luxury cars than by the world of yachts.

Stay tuned for more details at www.silverarrowsmarine.com.