Meet the New King of the World

5 things you should know about the Australian man who wants to re-create the Titanic.

January 28, 2014

Titanic II

This is a rendering of how the Titanic II will look.

We can’t believe we’re even publishing this next sentence, but here you go.

Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer plans to put a chunk of his fortune toward re-creating the Titanic — including the below-waterline steerage cabins for hundreds of passengers — with a maiden voyage from England to New York City planned for 2016.



Here are five things you might find interesting to know about the man behind Titanic II:

• Palmer made his fortune in iron ore, coal and nickel mining. Forbes magazine says he’s worth $895 million as of 2013.

• The Titanic replica isn’t Palmer’s only one. He also created a simulation of Jurassic Park that he calls Palmersaurus. Plans are for more than 160 animatronic dinosaurs, including a 65-foot-long T-Rex.


• The New South Wales branch of the National Trust of Australia has named Palmer a National Living Treasure.

• Palmer owned the Gold Coast United football club in Australia until the governing FFA revoked his A-League license as part of a controversy about unruly fans and grandstand seating being closed to the public.

• He’s on Twitter. You can follow the progress of Titanic II and his other exploits @clivefpalmer, or visit the official_ Titanic II_ website,


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