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Many Options are Available for Upgrading to USB

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Whether you want to replace a fixture and upgrade to LED, or add a switch like Vimar, Imtra has you covered.

Reading Lights with USB Charging Ports

St. Maarten 2 & 3, Vimar USB Switching, Prebit Reading Lights from ImtraImtra

Imtra Marine Lighting

Our St. Maarten reading lights are now available with built-in USB ports conveniently placed in their base. The light is offered with a rectangular or round base and a sphere or martini shaped globe. The unique, hand-crafted blown glass globe is made by America's oldest operating glass company, Pairpoint Glass Company, located on nearby Cape Cod.


We also offer a range of reading lights with integrated USB chargers from another one of our trusted brands, Prebit. Many of their LED lights are now also available as a version with USB charging. The charger is integrated into the housing of the light. It is optimized for the operation of boats and is suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, digital cameras, as well as other electronic devices, which can be charged via USB and require a high charging current.

Vimar Switching

Simplifying everyday life, Vimar high-power USB ports provide rapid recharge of phones, tablets & portable electronic devices. Available in various module sizes/colors for seamless integration.

Arke Eikon Idea
Arke is the decorative yet economical solution to your switching needs. Offering a contemporary design and modern materials. Eikon is an exclusive, top quality range of unique systems offered in three models, EVO, Chrome and Total Look. Idea has been the overwhelming choice of decorative switching for boat builders worldwide for two decades.
*USB outlets available: *USB outlets available: *USB Outlets available:
VM19292 VM20295.N VM16292
VM19292.B VM20295.B VM16292.B
VM19295 VM20295
VM19295.B VM20292
*AC Voltage Only; power can be sourced from a nearby existing AC outlet.

If you have an existing Vimar Switch the USB outlet can be swapped out. If you are purchasing an all new switch you will need the USB outlet, as well as a mounting plate and frame. Shop our selection of outlets, mounting plates and frames here.