Make Your Own Local Underwater Maps

Insight Genesis uses your boat's sonar recordings to create detailed maps of wherever you cruise.

Insight Genesis

Insight Genesis uses your boat's sonar to create underwater maps of wherever you cruise.Courtesy Rushton Gregory Communications

Forget the Apple iTunes store. Lowrance, Simrad and B&G are hoping you’ll instead click over to the Insight Store, an online hub that includes the Insight Genesis for making your own local underwater maps.

The Insight Genesis is a personal-mapping tool that turns your boat’s sonar recordings into underwater maps. You record your sonar log, upload it from your multifunction display to the Insight Genesis part of the website, and automatically receive a link to view your map online, complete with high-resolution contour lines.

The online map is free, or you can subscribe to the Insight Genesis service that lets you download your map back into your multifunction display. One-time map purchases are $19.95, while regular and premium annual subscriptions are $99.95 and $299.95, respectively.

All downloaded maps can be saved on SD cards for use in the reader slot on a compatible multifunction device.

“Boaters can create personalized charts to complement our extensive Insight library and supported Navionics cartography options,” says Navico Americas COO Louis Chemi. “Whether using Insight Genesis to refine existing details due to shifting sand bars, recent dredging or to mark an uncharted rock, or for creating charts of bodies of water that have not been surveyed, Insight Genesis is the key to getting the most up-to-date specifics on fishing and boating areas, anytime and anywhere.”

There’s a nifty video about how the Insight Genesis works, along with additional information about compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G hardware, at