Magnum Marine Keepsake

Builder prints limited-edition book celebrating nearly a half-century in business.

Lenny Kravitz on Magnum 60

Rock singer Lenny Kravitz is among the customers who made Magnum Marine a success. (He's shown at the helm of a Magnum 60.)Courtesy Magnum Marine

Magnum Marine, now celebrating more than 47 years in business, has published 1,000 copies of the Magnum Anniversary Book, a limited edition keepsake filled with photography from the yard's history.

The book, whose price is about $95, covers the brand’s evolution from Don Aronow in the 1960s through current Magnum President Katrin Theodoli and the company’s newest models.

“I decided to tell the story of this unusual company and try to explain why and how this little boat company had become such a famous brand,” Theodoli stated in a press release. “It’s not the size of the company, since it is very small. It is not the quantity of boats that have been built, since there are relatively few. It is not the amount spent in publicity, since it does not spend on advertising at all. How was it possible? That is what I try to answer in the story of this amazing little company that has become a legend all over the world.”

The last photograph in the book is the new Magnum 51, which has been purchased by a Miami resident and is scheduled to be on display at the October 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Copies of the book are available at as well as in select bookshops in coastal locations.