Loud and Clear from Broward County

Sea Tow creates an automated radio check system.

June 15, 2010

boat us

Boat US

Sea Tow has recently activated a free automated marine radio check system in Broward County, Florida.

With heavy boat traffic in the region and an increasing number of boaters using emergency channel 16 for radio checks Sea Tow has created this system to eliminate the unnecessary radio traffic and ensure the line stays open for emergencies.

“We found it necessary, especially with the amount of boaters in southeast Florida, that we establish a system, which will relieve channel 16 of people doing radio checks,” said Tim Morgan, Vice President of Sea Tow Ft. Lauderdale.


The radio check system on VHF channel 27 records a boater’s hail for a radio check and replays it to them so mariners can hear exactly how their radio is transmitting.

According to Sea Tow, since commencing 10 days ago the radio check system has received 4,947 hits. Sea Tow plans on extending this service along the country’s entire coastline.


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