KVH Offers Ebola Education

A free safety video is designed for boaters who want to stay healthy at sea.

With world health officials continuing to focus on Earth’s largest-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus, KVH Industries has created a website where all boaters can download a free safety video that discusses prevention measures at sea.

The video program also has been delivered to KVH’s IP-MobileCast customers on vessels worldwide.

“This is a perfect example of why it is sometimes necessary to send out urgent training updates without delay and not wait for the annual update process,” Nigel Cleave, CEO of KVH’s company Videotel, stated in a press release.

Ebola — Staying Safe is a 15-minute training program that Videotel produced in cooperation with Steamship Mutual P&I Club and a panel of medical experts. The video explains what Ebola is, what its symptoms are, how it spreads, how crew members can protect themselves and what boat owners and managers can do to keep everyone aboard safe.

The video is available for free download in three different resolutions (or file sizes) at http://bit.ly/1sqRKdV.