KVH Introduces TracVision TV8

The maritime satellite TV antenna system is designed for global-range yachts.

KVH TracVision TV8

KVH TracVision TV8

KVH has introduced TracVision TV8, a maritime satellite TV antenna system designed to provide reception and extended coverage for yachts that cruise worldwide.

TracVision TV8 is compatible with nearly all Ku-band services and supports DirecTV, Dish Network and Dish HD, plus Bell TV in North America and TrueVisions, Astro and Sky TV in the Asia-Pacific cruising grounds.

“With its advanced tracking and extended coverage area, it is an ideal system for a superyacht in the Mediterranean, a tanker ship in the Baltic or any number of ships on the world’s oceans,” Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO of KVH, stated in a press release. “These rugged systems are fully stabilized and stay locked on the satellite, even in heavy seas.”

For full system specs and more information about TracVision TV8, click over to www.kvh.com.