Baby Love

The Kifaru 43 is a stylish charmer that might just steal your heart.
Kifaru 43, Luca Dini
Luca Dini, who designed this day boat, is best known for work on larger yachts built by Mondomarine, Admiral and more. Alberto Cocchi

When Italian yacht designer Luca Dini described his Kifaru 43 Baby as looking like “a fighter plane without wings,” he wasn’t kidding. With her angular low profile and 42-knot top end thanks to twin 370 hp Yanmar sterndrives, this aluminum day boat looks like she’d be almost as at home in the wild blue yonder as she is on the deep blue sea.


This is a day-tripper’s boat — open, fast and fun. She’d make an excellent tender for a superyacht owner (call it 150-plus feet to keep the proportions right) with an eye for forward-thinking design choices such as a minimalistic helm and carbon-fiber Bimini.


You’re eight days into a monthlong Mediterranean cruise on your 180-footer. The pressures of your normal life have fully uncoiled, and your tan has really started to bronze. But one thing still bothers you as you sip an Aperol spritz and watch the red sun sink low: that island just over there, hazy in the middle distance.


What’s it like? You call for the captain and ask him to have Baby ready to go in the morning. Tomorrow you’ll find out about that island. You will have gone from the constraints of a business suit back home to the wind-tousled hair of a man who is truly at ease.

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