Jet-Setter: The Williams Sportjet 395

The Williams Sportjet 395 can all but fly from the big boat to the yacht club.

The Williams Sportjet 395 seats six adults and has a fixed boarding pole to help with secure transfers from the yacht.James Williams

Since its founding in 2004, England-based Williams Jet Tenders has become seemingly omnipresent in many high-end harbors the world over. And that near ubiquity is for good reason. Take, for example, the Sportjet 395, which debuted at the Southampton Boat Show in September. The RIB's features include a 90 hp BRP Rotax ACE 903 engine placed amidships to maximize seating and create a balanced, dry ride — not to mention to shoot this little roadster of a boat along at speeds up to 40 knots.

WHOM IT'S FOR: The 395 is for the yacht owner who wants a fast, maneuverable, easily stowable tender that can deliver him and his guests to the dock safely and dryly — though perhaps with some wild, wind-styled hairdos.

PICTURE THIS: You've been snorkeling all day on a coral reef using your big boat's swim platform as a base, and you've worked up quite an appetite. As the sun sinks, you can just make out your favorite beach bar springing to life in the middle distance. It's time to fire up the Sportjet 395 and go see about some conch chowder, and maybe something cold to drink.