Jeeze Louise

British Authorities seize $430 million worth of cocaine from hull of yacht.

August 5, 2011

Jeeze Louise
    • Recently renovated
    • Low mileage
    • Built-in cocaine hide away

Asking: For a whole lot of trouble.

British Authorities seized $430 million dollars worth of cocaine from a hidden compartment below the swim platform of a yacht named Louise. Overall the amount of cocaine found weighed in at 1,200 kilograms, making it the largest drug bust in their nation’s history.

        _Louise_ was one sneaky lady, as it took authorities 6 full days of searching the yacht to find the compartment that was specifically designed to elude authorities. The 12-cubic-foot enclosure was finally accessed behind blanking panels in the vessels engine room. British officials described the hiding space as “professional and ingenious.”

        The hard work paid off as it was later learned the drugs they seized had a purity level of 90 percent, much higher then the average purity of 63 percent seized by their boarder patrol. 

        British and French intelligence officials provided Dutch authorities with the identities of the yachts owners. Six arrests have been made. 

         Let’s hope the yachting community can keep its nose clean in the future.

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