It’s 2 Multifunction Displays in 1

The Simrad NSO evo2 combines charting, sonar, radar and media in dual displays.

Simrad NSO evo2

The Simrad NSO evo2 is several multifunction displays in one.Courtesy Simrad

Simrad’s NSO evo2 multifunction navigation system combines charting, sonar, radar and entertainment into dual widescreen displays — setting what the company calls a “new standard in the glass bridge navigation experience.”

The NSO evo2 is designed for recreational, blue-water powerboats along with commercial vessels. It features intuitive multi-touch control, is fully compatible with NS-Series devices and Simrad Performance Modules, and is being marketed as the world’s first multifunction system to offer dual-discrete video output with full HD resolution. Users can view information on side-by-side monitors or on a single monitor along with a GoFree-enabled tablet.

Monitors are available in 16-, 19- and 24-inch styles. All have on-glass menu keys and can be flush-mounted with either black or silver trim. Supported cartography includes Jeppesen C-Map Max-N charts, Navionics Gold and Platinum, Nautic Insight and Lake Insight, and Insight Genesis — and users can navigate using two different chart types simultaneously.

Further expansion capabilities include plug-and-play integration with Simrad Broadband 4G and 3G Radar, GoFree Wireless Wi-Fi-1, BSM-2 CHIRP and BSM-1 echo sounders, StructureScan Sonar Imaging, SonarHub Sounder, SonicHub marine audio server, Sirius satellite weather/radio and more.

Suggested retail price for the Simrad NSO evo2 is $5,695, with MO-Series Multi-Touch and Pilot House displays ranging from $4,449 to $10,000. Additional package pricing is available. Learn more at