Island Icon: Baker Pau Llull

A cruise to Mallorca is not complete without a stop at Pau Llull's bake shop.

Pau Llull mallorca
Pau Llull delivers ensaïmadas to a local hotel. Note the orange denomination of origin seal on the product. Hotel Horizonte Majorca

Mallorca takes its traditional pastry, the ensaïmada, quite seriously. The Balearic island established a denomination of origin, Ensaimada de Mallorca, to differentiate knockoff versions from authentic products, much as winemakers do. Pau Llull’s bakery, Forn Fondo, is one establishment whose ensaïmadas have the stamp of approval from locals and visiting cruisers alike.

Forn Fondo has produced pastries since at least 1742, and it’s been in Llull’s family since 1911, when his great-grandmother and her husband took over. Llull and his sister, Neus, are now fourth-generation Forn Fondo owners.

Naturally, Llull’s most popular pastries are ensaïmadas, which are spiral-shaped and can come with various fillings. However, Llull says, the most traditional ensaïmadas, and the ones that carry the denomination of origin, are “smooth” (sans filling) or filled with cabell de àngel — a sweet mixture of pumpkin and sugar.


Forn Fondo, located in Mallorca’s coastal capital, Palma, is a mere half-mile from the water, so yachtsmen don’t have to go far to taste this island treat.

How did you learn to bake?

I learned from a young age, the art of baking, while working for the bakery after I left school. And since I was 16 years old, I learned more formally from the pastry chefs who worked, doing training courses with other pastry chefs and my father.


What other pastries are popular at Forn Fondo?

In our store you can also find the authentic cuartos embatumats, which are our most popular cake made with sponge cake, yolk, meringue and chocolate.

How does it feel to be part of a long-standing family business?


I can say that I am very proud to have continued with the family tradition of the bakery, where the greatest gratitude is given by customers who visit us daily and value our products.

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