Island of Adventure

Yacht Design allows you to escape to the tropics without leaving the slip.

Island of Adventure

Yacht Island Design has recently released a proposal to build you guessed it, a yacht designed to look like an island. _Tropical__ Island Paradise comes equipped with all the basics, a beach, swimming pool, palm trees, cabañas, and even throws in a volcano for good measure. _

        Underneath the aft deck/helicopter pad is a deployable series of floating islands and cabanas that allow guests to swim and relax at sea level. 

        Old fashioned diesel engines under the hood of this yacht just wouldn’t seem right, so designers opted to power their vessel with a diesel run power plant. (Where can I get one of those?) Designers believe the power plant will allow the 295 foot island to cruise at a maximum speed of 15 knots. 

        The interior of the yacht matches its extravagant exterior. The 4 VIP suites all have balcony views but the master suite boasts a panoramic view from the top of the volcano. A movie theatre, library, game room, gym, bar and spa are just a few of the other amenities thrown into the mix. 

         This is the second proposal to come from Yacht Island Design. Their previous design, _Streets of Monaco, _was a yacht featured to look like an entire European city street.

        Will _Tropical Island Paradise_ ever become a reality? Who knows? I hope if I’m ever marooned though it’ll be on an island like this one.