An Energetic Interior Design Refit

Interior design gets kinetic when Pastrovich Studio refits the 42-meter Life Saga.

Pastrovich Studio takes a walk on the wild side with this refit. The studio that brought you the 55M X-Easy completed an interior design refit of Heesen’s 42-meter Life Saga in 2012. The 2008 yacht’s refit included adding colorful accent lights in the main salon, animal print furnishings and even a disco ball. A cream, brown and white color scheme connects the varying designs in the superyacht’s salon and staterooms.

“Design any kind of boat, no holds barred, so long as it’s the best of its kind,” says Genoese Stefano Pastrovich.

Life Saga's salon has an animal print rug and a disco ball.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
Design layouts for Life Saga.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
Neon lights show the wild side of this superyacht.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
Some sleek design flourishes found on board Heesen's Life Saga.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
The master stateroom on board Heesen's Life Saga.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
Fabrics on board Life Saga bare prints resembling animal skins.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
The Heesen superyacht has leather accents that follow the animal-themed interior.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
Fur and leather accents abound on board Life Saga.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio
The helm of Life Saga.Courtesy Pastrovich Studio