Indonesia: Charter’s Next Hot Spot?

The 173-foot Dunia Baru aims to bring international standards to the emerging market.

Phinisi yacht Dunia Baru

Dunia Baru means "New World," an appropriate name for the fledgling crewed yacht charter industry in Indonesia.Courtesy Northrop and Johnson Worldwide Yacht Charters

Indonesia has never been known as a hotbed of charter activity, but during the past few years, a handful of international-quality yachts have cruised through the region. Their owners have seen a fantastic future. From Bali to Raja Ampat, Indonesia offers unspoiled scenery and interesting culture — two things that, when mixed with a top-quality charter yacht, tend to equal a great amount of client interest and charter bookings.

The newest offering in the region is the 173-foot_ Dunia Baru_, a yacht built in traditional, local Phinisi style by an American owner who is outfitting her to serious standards. Few brokers have gotten a chance to get onboard as of this writing, but the team at Northrop and Johnson Worldwide Yacht Charters in Rhode Island put together this video to offer a look at what this intriguing new charter option has to offer.

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