See in the Dark — Nearly a Mile

Imtra’s Colorlight CLite2 searchlight for midsize yachts has a range of 4,921 feet.

June 3, 2016
Imtra, CLite2, Searchlight, Electronics
The Colorlight CLite2 LED Searchlight can be purchased through Imtra’s network of marine retailers, shipyards and online. Courtesy Imtra

Imtra has introduced the Colorlight CLite2 searchlight for yachts 45 to 125 feet length overall. The high-output LED searchlight has unlimited rotation on both the X- and Y-axis with no hard stops, and can light up the sea around a yacht for 4,921 feet (just shy of a mile).

The unit’s LED lights are in a powder-coated aluminum housing atop an acid-proof, stainless- steel base. The searchlight can be networked to an unlimited number of helm stations aboard.

“While some existing searchlights offer 360- or even 370-degree movement, when they hit the hard stop, the operator is required to spin the light back around and reacquire the target,” Alex Larsen, Imtra’s vice president of commercial sales, stated in a press release. “This can be all that is needed for a person overboard or an obstruction in the water to be lost. The unlimited versatility and maneuverability of the CLite2 makes it the perfect option for any vessel.”

Imtra, Colorlight, Searchlight
The CLite2 can operate up to 10 years without scheduled maintenance. Courtesy Imtra Corporation

Take the power up a notch: Imtra’s Colorlight CLite2 LED Searchlight is available with or without an integrated FLIR thermal-imaging camera.


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