The Hot List: Star Wars Edition

May the Force, and a good bit of style, be with you wherever you make landfall.

Devon Star Wars Watch

Devon Timepieces is offering a $28,500 Star Wars watch whose details are as head-turning as the Death Star.Courtesy Devonworks

Leica M Edition 60

Leica’s M Edition 60 ($15,540) is a commemorative limited edition inspired by the 1950s Leica M3.Courtesy Leica

William Henry's Ovation Fl BR 5 Bracelet

The centerpiece in William Henry’s Ovation FL BR 5 bracelet ($12,500) is made from green dinosaur bone.Courtesy William Henry

Devon Star Wars Cuff Link

Devon Timepieces also has a cuff link that is reminiscent of the Empire's TIE fighters.Courtesy Devonworks

Urban One

Guapa Cycles makes the Urban One bicycle from a blend of bamboo and carbon fiber that’s lighter than most steel or aluminum single-speed bikes.Courtesy Guapa Cycles