The Hot List: From a Pocket Knife to a Motorcycle

Even the most casual affairs, such as riding a bike from the yacht into town, can be enjoyed with serious style.

November 26, 2017

Beautiful Blade

William Henry’s Spearpoint Nami pocketknife ($45,000) Courtesy William Henry

William Henry ‘s Spearpoint Nami pocketknife ($45,000) is hand-engraved. The inlays are 18-karat gold, and the blade- release button is inset with a black diamond.

Electric Chic

Electric Bicycle
Electric bicycle by Avionics ($9,450) Courtsy Avionics

This electric bicycle by Avionics ($9,450) is scheduled to debut in spring 2018 with just 60 units available. It’s made of steel, wood and leather to look classic, even though it can hit 36 miles per hour. The wooden saddle is suspended on a leaf spring, and the artisan headlamp is a throwback to the days of long rides down country roads. The electric engine is in the back wheel, hidden within the traditional design.

Aged for a Half-Century

Black Bowmore 1964 ($25,000) Courtesy Bowmore

Just 159 bottles of Black Bowmore 1964 ($25,000) exist. The single-malt whisky was distilled 53 years ago. Glasstorm made the bottles, which are topped in Scottish silver.


Timeless Style

The Tourbillon Casino de Monte-Carlo by Ateliers deMonaco (price on request) Courtesy Ateliers deMonaco

The Tourbillon Casino de Monte-Carlo by Ateliers deMonaco (price on request) has an 18-karat white-gold dial and an ­engraving of its namesake casino on its face.


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