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His Way: The 133-Foot Serenity

The 133-foot IAG Serenity is her owner's dream yacht — and he drew her himself.

Serenity, IAG, Superyacht
"You have to have a couple of wow features and something unique to set yourself apart," Serenity's owner says.Courtesy IAG

Wow Factor: Elements of a Life

"Getting a cook is a whole game-changer in itself," says the owner of the 133-foot IAG Serenity, explaining how his yacht-design (and size) tastes have evolved during his years on the water. He grew up boating with his family near Chicago and, as an adult, bought a 50-foot Cranchi to cruise off the Florida coast.

Serenity, IAG, Superyacht
Serenity includes a detailed interior.Courtesy IAG

He moved up to an 80-foot Lazzara, followed by a 116-foot Lazzara — both of which required him to hire a captain and crew, and learn to be a guest instead of an owner-operator. “You’re at a different level,” he says. “You can really enjoy the water and kick back while the crew does their thing.”

When he sat down with an empty quarter-scale arrangements plan to sketch out what he wanted aboard his 133-footer, he incorporated spaces for entertaining as well as eye-catching design features.

“About six years ago, I went on Man of Steel, a [164-foot] Heesen, and on that boat, it had backlit flooring with pebbles in it,” the owner says. “I kept that in the back of my head for several years.”

On Serenity, the feature is in the companionway, made of clear acrylic with backlit blue lighting.

Serenity, IAG, Superyacht
Serenity's owner wanted a bulbous bow for speed and efficiency. He says the full-displacement yacht has a 17-knot top hop with a 12-knot cruise speed.Courtesy IAG
Serenity, IAG, Superyacht
The owner plans to use Serenity with his family in the Bahamas and Caribbean, where having several ways to stay cool is key.Courtesy IAG

Water Features: An Unusual Way to Chill

"At my home in Chicago, and actually at my home in Florida too, I have a zero-entry pool," Serenity's owner says. "I did that for my kids when they were young. It's an easy way to get in the pool and splash around."

Those pools start at about 1-inch deep and progress to deeper water, like a beach — a feature he wanted to re-create abaft the outdoor dining area on Serenity's top deck. About 15 feet of the deck's after section includes a 6-inch, drop-down step. "That area can be filled up with water," he says. "You just keep your chaise lounges right there in the water." In that space, as well as in other parts of the sun deck and other decks, he added misters to enhance the cooling effect.

“I think I have about 40 misters on my boat,” the owner says. “When you’re sitting in this little plunge-pool area on your chaise lounge, the misters take water and atomize it really fine and mist you. That will drop the temperature roughly 10 to 15 degrees. I have them over the hot tub and other areas of the sun deck too. I got that idea because I was golfing and my cart had a little mister in it, and it was amazing.”

Serenity, IAG, Superyacht
The owner says he had designer Evan K. Marshall and Yacht Next bring his hand-sketched furniture and fabric visions to life.Courtesy IAG

Her Master Suite: Made for Mom

Most main-deck master suites are for owners, but Serenity's was created for this owner's mother.

“When she would come with us on the 116 Lazzara, she wanted a little space from the rest of the family,” he says, “so she’d stay in the forepeak off the galley. She had one little porthole in the ceiling of her room. When we built this boat, I said, ‘Mom, you’re going to get that master on the main deck, full-beam. It’s going to be like you’re on a cruise ship.’” He had IAG build fixed balconies on both sides.

“I don’t know of any boat at any size that has those double balconies to port and starboard,” he says. “She called her place ‘the hole’ on the old boat. I wanted her to have an amazing view and the breeze going through the boat.” A third fixed balcony is one level up, off the sky lounge. That’s for him. “You can walk out there and smoke a cigar,” he says. Opposite is a bay window. “It’s an amazing place to sit, and there’s an 85-inch TV over the fireplace,” he says. “It’s a really cozy room with a great surround-sound system.”

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