Timeless Classic Style Meets Contemporary Craftsmanship in the Hacker-Craft Special Sport 25

Known for its famed, one-of-a-kind, custom builds, Hacker-Craft delivers yet another head turning design.

Hacker-Craft. The very name harkens one back to a special time in yachting history, when hand-built mahogany boats plied the waters as tenders to major yachts or at private docks of those to whose ownership represented a special and personal appreciation for possessing one of the finer things life has to offer.

Utilizing the same craftsmanship and superb boat building abilities along with painstaking attention to detail and fit and finish since 1908, Hacker-Craft, with those graceful lines and extraordinary varnish work, presents its latest addition to a legendary line up of launches, tenders, water limousines, runabouts, and cruisers: the exciting Special Sport 25.

Fully customizable to your needs, with special details and layout or design options, this beautiful affirmation of fine boat building offers a specialized running bottom and inboard power along with a few 21st century additions that will be sure to add a special take this build deserves.

Step aboard the Hacker-Craft Special Sport 25 as Yachting Magazine takes you on a video walk-thru that just might help you set your sights on your very own statement of special boat ownership.